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Are you a beginner golfer and yearning to join your buddies for a golf vacation? In the case of beginner golf we would suggest you approach it just like skiing - take a lesson first. You can't expect to go out and hit a golf club properly anymore than you can buckle on a pair of skis and come down that mountain. You can but you might be sorry.

Avoid the frustration and take a lesson. You might want to find an instructor in your home town and get a few basics under your belt, before you spend money on a golf vacation. You can also go to golf school and immerse yourself as many players do for 2 or 3 days. Learn the basic golf rules and realize that their is an etiquette to be followed while playing. It also helps to have the right set of clubs, (read more about golf clubs here), they make for a much better experience that using hand-me-downs or just the ones on sale at your local sporting goods store...And for learning the proper way to swing these golf clubs, take a look at our golf swing basics page.

If you have already played a few games of golf and feel you're ready to take off with the guys for some R & R and a serious golf package, we have several courses that appeal to beginner golfers, with wide open fairways and big greens so you can keep the ball in play. Read on as to what we think are the best

A great way to judge a golf course is of course by the slope rating. A slope rating, in case you didn't know, is a number arrived at by examining the length of the course, the size and flatness of the greens, the number of bunkers, forced carries and other determining factors.

What to look for in a beginner friendly golf course. First inkling is to look for a shorter course. Yardage from the white tees is usually the shortest distance for length of course. Also check out the slope, you should be able to enjoy a game on a course with a slope from about 112 to 120. When you get above that 120 mark, the course will be tougher.

We have several courses we recommend for our beginner's golf package, they include The 18-hole "West" course at the Myrtle Beach National Golf Course with a slope rating of 119. The Fazio golf course at Barefoot is 119 Slope. Blackmoor Golf club out on Route 707 has a slope of 119. both River club and The Tradition come in at 122, which makes for just a little more challenge, but worth it.

Sandpiper Bay up in North Carolina, a course that is great for anyone looking for an easy day on the course. Island Green in Murrells Inlet with a slope of 118 from the white tees will give you a fun and easy game. Wicked Stick, (sounds wicked) but is actually not too bad at 117 slope.

The Witch over 707 in Conway is another good one to fit in with it's 109 slope.

Beachwood up on the North end of Myrtle Beach is player friendly with a slope of 117 from the white tees. We also highly recommend Possum Trot which has been a great favorite since 1968. Don't be fooled by it's age, it has been totally redone and is a sheer delight to play.
Slope of 118.

So you can see that we have several courses that can be put together for a great beginner's golf package in Myrtle Beach...take a look at these golf packages as well and if you have any questions or if we can help you choose, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 1-888-248-9610.

You'll always get the best rates and info here at and we're ready when you are!

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